Winner 2023

Jury 2024

Cinema and Media Education experts assign the Jury prize and supervise the work of the "boys and girls jury" for the other prizes.

Selection 2024

Here is the official selection of the Baloss Milan Junior Film Festival, 25 national and 25 international short films from 18 countries around the world and 7 Italian regions!

Who we are

Balóss Milan Film Festival is a festival dedicated to short films made by children and students in school and workshop settings.

The goal is to promote cinema as an educational and pedagogical tool by giving visibility to projects that would not otherwise have theatrical distribution as well as to establish a network between various organizations involved in media education.

The festival jury is composed also of young students from primary and secondary schools who are involved in cinema workshops.

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The festival has a national competitive section and one international. In addition to screenings, seminars on cinematic language, meetings with experts and workshop activities for the young people will be organized in collaboration with the University of Milan Bicocca.

The Baloss Milan Film Festival is dedicated to the director Ermanno Olmi, who loved shooting his films

with kids and all the non-professional actors for the authenticity they knew how to bring in front of the camera. The festival was conceived by director Fabio Martina, and created by Circonvalla Film, an association that produces films and documentaries and organizes cinema workshops at school for children.


The Team

Fabio Martina with
Arturo Garavaglia
Cecilia Di Gaddo
Davide Rovere
David Salvaggio
Ilaria Bartolozzi
Irene Romagnoli
Ludovico Ferretti
Viola Battaglini

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